Published Papers

Donaldson A, Newton J, McCrory P, White P, Makdissi M, Davis G, Finch CF. Translating guidelines for the diagnosis and management of sports-related concussion into practice. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. In press. Published online 19/06/2014 as doi: 10.1177/1559827614538751.

Finch CF, Clapperton AJ, McCrory P. Increasing incidence of sports related concussion hospitalizations in Victoria, Australia. Medical Journal of Australia. 2013;198(8):427-430.

Finch CF, McCrory P, Ewing MT, Sullivan J. Concussion guidelines need to move from only expert content to also include implementation and dissemination. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2013;47:12-14.

Newton J, White PE, Ewing MT, Makdissi M, Davis GA, Donaldson A, Sullivan AS, Seward H, Finch CF. Intention to use sport concussion guidelines among community-level coaches and sports trainers. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. In press publication on line. Link to published version:

White P, Newton J, Makdissi M, McCrory P, Donaldson A, Davis G, Sullivan J, Finch CF. Knowledge about sports-related concussion: is the message getting through to coaches and trainers? British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2014; 48:119-124.

White PE, Wong Shee A, Finch CF. Independent appraiser assessment of the quality, methodological rigour and transparency of the development of the 2008 international consensus statement on concussion in sport. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2014; 48:130-134. Available online as an Open Access document at:


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