Conference Presentations

Oral Presentations

Finch, CF. (2013, March). Strategies to get the concussion message out to the community. 1st National Concussion in Football Conference, Melbourne.

White, P., Finch, CF. (2013, October). An assessment of the 2008 Zurich Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport using the appraisal of guidelines for research and evaluation II (AGREE II). ASICS Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, Phuket.

 Click here to view published abstract

Poster Presentations

White P., Donaldson, A., Sullivan, J., Bekker, S., Finch, CF. (2014, October). The Accessibility, relevance and practicality of the AFL concussion guidelines: What do community players think? SMA Be Active NSIPC 2014, Canberra.

Click here to view published abstract

White, P., Newton, J., Makdissi, M., McCrory, P., Donaldson, A., Davis, G., Sullivan, J., Finch, CF. (2012, October). Community Australian Football coach and sports trainer knowledge about and attitudes towards the Australian Football League (AFL) concussion guidelines: Implications for guideline implementation. 1st Biennial Australian Implementation Conference 2012, Melbourne.


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