Improving the awareness, understanding and management of concussion in community sport project


This research project was concerned with improving the awareness, understanding and management of concussion in community sport. The project was funded by the Victorian Government and involved a collaboration of Australian and international sports concussion and injury prevention researchers, two sports bodies (the Australian Football League [AFL] and the National Rugby League [NRL]) and Sports Medicine Australia. Prof Caroline Finch was supported by an NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship (ID: 565900).

Specifically, this project aimed to:

  • Confirm the degree to which current community concussion guidelines are being accessed and used by the people involved in community Australian football and rugby league, including players, parents, coaches, sports trainers, and general practitioners.
  • Assess the level of knowledge and awareness of concussion guidelines, and the understanding of the concussion management messages they contain in the sports of Australian football and rugby league
  • Determine how the current AFL and NRL concussion guidelines and resources could be used to assist in the development of similar guidelines for other sports
  • Identify factors that make it easier and more difficult for community Australian football and rugby league to use the concussion guidelines and find ways to address these
  • Make recommendations for how social media could be used to get the concussion guidelines out to community sport
  • Report on whether the Victorian emergency department routine data collections could be used to monitor sports concussions at the population level.



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